Lingual Braces in Westport & Stamford

How INBRACE Works from Dentalfone on Vimeo.

Embrace Orthodontics provides lingual braces in Westport and Stamford, CT. To learn more and schedule your appointment, please contact us.

What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces, also known as braces behind the teeth, are 100 percent invisible. Unlike clear aligners, which you have to track the number of hours you wear them and worry about taking them out to eat, lingual braces are fixed-braces system. Each brace is fit behind each individual tooth. Everything is customized to you for maximal comfort while obtaining the best possible treatment result.

Lingual braces are an esthetic option that maintains your appearance during treatment and suits all ages. They straighten the teeth with little hassle and virtually no visibility. They are best suited for a person with a busy lifestyle who does not was the noticeability of traditional braces.

How do lingual braces work?

Similar to traditional metal braces (braces on the front of your teeth), lingual braces work by a combination of brackets and wires. These wires are pre-bent to fit your mouth and each bracket is fit to the back of each tooth by a laboratory. The main difference between traditional metal braces and lingual braces is that lingual braces are completely made for specifically you!

To process starts with a 3-D iTero digital scan that allows Dr. Driesman and Dr. Scher to obtain an impression of your mouth eliminating the traditional goopy impressions. This digital impression is then sent to the laboratory along with a prescription written by Dr. Driesman or Dr. Scher.

The laboratory robotically designs each bracket and bends the sequence of wires based on your mouth and the prescription. Everything is then shipped back to Embrace Orthodontics where the lingual brackets will be placed in your mouth.

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