VPro Plus in Westport & Stamford

Embrace Orthodontics provides VPro+ accelerated orthodontics in Westport and Stamford, CT. To learn more and schedule your appointment, please contact us.

Patients often want to know how they can speed up their orthodontic treatment. The answer is VPro+. This device from Propel Orthodontics is used both during your orthodontic treatment and once you get your retainers. It emits gentle, high-frequency vibrations that improve the efficacy of your orthodontic treatment. You only need to use the VPro+ device for 5 minutes a day, and it can be used while watching TV, texting friends, or reading.

Benefits of VPro+ Accelerated Orthodontics

The benefits of VPro+ include:

  • Less orthodontic pain. The gentle vibrations of the VPro+ make braces and aligner therapy more comfortable.
  • 5-minute wear time.
  • Decreased risk of orthodontic relapse. VPro+ accelerates retention by increasing bone density faster and promoting relaxation of the ligaments that hold teeth in place.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Mobile patient app. You can track your usage, share results with our office, and locate your device if you lose it.
  • Reduced treatment time. Your treatment can be up to 64% shorter with consistent use of the V-Pro+.
  • Optimal aligner seating.
  • Improved predictability.

            VPro+ is not an orthodontic treatment by itself; it is used in conjunction with braces or clear aligners. If you’re interested in learning how VPro+ can accelerate and improve your orthodontic treatment, ask us about the device during your next office visit.

            Frequently Asked Questions About VPro+ Accelerated Orthodontics

            How much does VPro+ cost?

            The VPro+ accelerated orthodontics device is affordable, and you’ll be able to use it during your active orthodontic treatment, as well as during retention. Please inquire within the office for exact pricing.

            Does Propel VPro+ work?

            Yes, VPro+ is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and has been shown to accelerate orthodontic treatment and decrease discomfort from braces and clear aligners.

            Is VPro+ safe?

            Yes, the VPro+ device is safe. It emits gentle vibrations that are proven to accelerate tooth movement.

            Will my teeth move faster if I use VPro+ more often?

            No, your teeth will not move any faster if you use VPro+ more often than recommended. It won’t have a negative impact on your treatment, but it won’t have a positive impact either.

            How do I use Propel VPro+?

            If you have clear aligners, make sure you are wearing them. Place the VPro+ mouthpiece in your mouth and gently bite down, then turn it on. It will gently vibrate for 5 minutes and automatically shut off once 5 minutes have elapsed.