Dr. Driesman and Dr. Scher orthodontists

Dr. Emily Driesman and the Embrace Ortho Story


Embrace Orthodontics is a highly successful, reputable orthodontic practice in Westport and Stamford, Connecticut. Dr. Scher originally established the practice, Scher Orthodontics, and then passed the torch to Dr. Emily Driesman when he was ready to cut back on his hours. Dr. Emily continues the tradition of providing quality orthodontic care to patients of all ages. Here’s the story of how Embrace Orthodontics has evolved and expanded in Dr. Emily’s capable hands. 

Dr. Scher 

Dr. Steven L. Scher is an accomplished orthodontist with many years of experience in the field. After completing dental school and residency at New York University to become an orthodontist, he established his own practice with the philosophy of providing the same quality of care he would want for his own family. He also made it a goal to create a fun and inviting environment for kids and teens who would make up the majority of his patients. Little did he know that he would make a lasting impression on a patient and future orthodontist. 

Dr. Emily

Dr. Emily Dreisman got her start in orthodontics the way many orthodontists do: as a patient. Her first experience going to an orthodontist was when she was 8 years old. She went to Dr. Scher’s practice, which she remembers as “a fun place to be.” Although the bulk of her orthodontic treatment took place later at a different practice, Dr. Scher and his staff left a lasting impression. 

As the daughter of two physicians, it was no surprise that Emily eventually found herself in the healthcare industry.  She spent the year before dental school as an orthodontist’s assistant, which led her to pursue dentistry at Columbia University. She went on to complete her Orthodontics degree at New York University.

After completing her residency, she reached out to Dr. Scher. Although the timing wasn’t right then, the seed was planted in Dr. Scher’s mind. Dr. Emily worked for another orthodontic practice until the time was right. After 45 years practicing orthodontics, Dr. Scher was ready to reduce his hours. He had hoped that one of his children would take over the practice, but none of them pursued a career in orthodontics. He wanted a successor who he felt confident passing the torch to, so he called Dr. Emily Driesman.

The Birth of Embrace Orthodontics

Dr. Emily wanted to continue on with the same philosophies and dedication that Dr. Scher had established but she felt that a fresh name was in order. She renamed Scher Orthodontics to Embrace Orthodontics. With a nod to one of the most common orthodontic treatments, braces, while also highlighting the welcoming environment of the practice, and including her nickname, Dr. “Em.” The name was perfect. Four years later, Dr. Emily opened a second location in Stamford.

Embrace Orthodontics in Two Convenient Locations 

The Embrace Orthodontics experience is available in two convenient locations, Stamford and Westport. Dr. Emily provides orthodontic services in both locations with the help of skilled orthodontic assistants and administrative professionals. Embrace Orthodontics provides a wide range of orthodontic treatments and services to help patients improve their smiles and “smile big” for a lifetime. 

Call 203-227-6061 today to schedule a free consultation at the Westport office, 203-324-3121 for the Stamford office, or request an appointment.